captain america 2 cosplay costume

I’m always stoked to see wrestling Cosplay at a Con, although I have to admit I was a bit surprised there wasn’t any Paul Bearer Cosplay, given his recent passing. Dan Slott seemed to have the biggest queue, and one of the biggest beards. There was that phenomenon where some of the unpublished and/or small press artists had amazing stands and banners, 16 foot high full colour extravaganzas with fairy lights, badges, flyers, t-shirts and professional looking art and prints in nice plastic folders, while other more established pros just had a pile of dog-eared original art, an A4 piece of paper with their name on and a sketchpad.

undertaker black butler cosplay costume

Most cons take place over two or three days, so I find I become exhausted towards the end of the final day – before the convention has even ended. The one week buffer should be for minor adjustments, make up tests, even photo shoots so you can practice posing. Returning to work after an amazing weekend of cosplay, celebrities and geeky merchandise can seem like the worst thing in the world.