Unboxing the Aniki Cosplay Armored Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Cosplay Costume!

I never expected it to happen, but it did. On November 8th, 2017, I placed an order with Aniki Cosplay for a Mighty Morphin Red Ranger cosplay suit. I requested both the regular version and the “Armored” version. Unfortunately, for the next five years, I experienced broken promises and silence across multiple platforms. Understandably, I was upset and decided to express my frustration by creating a video detailing my experience.

Several months passed and out of the blue, with no prior contact, I received an email informing me that my suit was finally ready. Against all odds, on December 28th, 2022, I received my long-awaited suit.

In the video, I shared my initial impressions of the suit, and to my delight, it looked amazing. Surprisingly, it still fit perfectly despite the five-year delay. However, there were a couple of immediate drawbacks. The visibility through the helmet was extremely poor, which was disappointing. Additionally, I faced difficulty attaching the velcro on the back of the dragon shield by myself. Furthermore, I had hoped to occasionally wear the cosplay as just the regular MMPR Red, but there was a noticeable velcro piece on the front of the suit for the dragon shield. Although it blended somewhat with the white color, it was still noticeable, which was a disappointment.

Overall, the quality of the suit is excellent. However, based on my personal experience with the 5-year wait, I cannot recommend Aniki Cosplay. Such a prolonged delay is completely unacceptable, and no excuse can justify it. I have heard that they supposedly fulfill their new Etsy orders on time, but I cannot vouch for this personally. Therefore, I urge people to exercise caution when considering them. Leaving their earlier customers waiting for so long is simply not good business practice, and I cannot, in good conscience, endorse their services.

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Deadpool vs Dream Con 2023: Epic Battle in Cosplay Costumes

Deadpool makes his debut appearance at Dream Con!

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D-Piddy as Deadpool

• Filmed by Ayakashi Guy

• Edited by D-Piddy
• Music by Musical Ghost – Gym Leader Battle Music [Hi-Tech Remix]

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Deadpool suit provided by RPC Studio

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Cosplay Costume in 1 Stunde: Geht das? | STAR WARS

Today, we will be building our own DIY Cosplay of The Mandalorian or The Clone Wars – STAR WARS Bounty Hunters always hold a special status.

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All Star Wars film and series materials shown are owned by Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd.

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FLASH Cowl Cosplay Costume Tutorial #theflash

Content Rewritten: Explore the thrilling world of the Scarlet Speedster, Barry Allen, as he races through time and space in DC Comics’ beloved superhero series, The Flash. Join Barry in his quest to protect Central City from formidable villains and ensure justice prevails. Dive into the captivating universe of DC Comics, where heroic adventures await! #TheFlash #BarryAllen #DC #DCComics #DCUniverse

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