hot cosplay

50 – Diamond Tier : Legendary Supporter! 15 – Gold Tier : Super Supporter! These are tutorials that we have now permanently removed on our store and can no longer be purchased but can still be viewed here on patreon! There are currently has 22 additional tutorials that you can access on our doctor strange […]

fairy cosplay costume

Happy Halloween everyone! People at work asked me last night to dress up as a girl from Sunset Overdrive, so i did a combination of the character customization designs, red power ranger costume hope this is ok! But then looking at the chain we were going to use, spiderman costume the metal looked incredible weathered. […]

custom made cosplay costumes

Whether they’d customised a store-bought costume like me (a £19 red hooded gothic vampire became Melisandre, when teamed with an Oxfam red gem necklace), made it from scratch (Tom bought materials to become a cosplay style Robb Stark), searched eBay for a medieval cossie, raided their wardrobes for a simple Dothraki / Litttlefinger’s working girl […]