yuki cosplay costume

I also need to figure out what kind of material to use for the dream animals. Fimo because that’s what I made Ursula’s necklace with and crafting foam because it sounds like something that I should use. I’ve considered Fimo clay, black power ranger costume and crafting foam. Going to do much more of her. […]

chucky cosplay costume

You know who wants to read my blog? People like me. People who are just starting out and feel like they are useless because they don’t know how to do something ridiculous like build a working Serpent Guard helmet (from Stargate). I started down the familiar path of telling myself I was a complete failure […]

costume flash cosplay

See more ideas about 80s men, 80s fashion men, fashion.We cannot deny that the 1980s were an iconic decade. Now take a wirebrush tool and start to scratch the surface of the horn, trying to make a wooden grain, wonder woman costumes and apply some more artist turps/rubbing alcohol to smoothen it a little. What’s […]